Oppo Find X5 Pro Review: A Supremely Unique Flagship

OPPO Find X5 Pro is a genuine flagship smartphone that can go toe-to-toe with the best from Samsung, Google, and Apple. OPPO is no stranger in terms of releasing stellar devices. And the newest Find X5 Pro is arguably one of the best devices from OPPO.

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR Hand1

AndroidHeadlines did a quick hands-on of the OPPO Find X5 Pro around the time it was announced globally. Since then I have had the chance to use the phone on a regular basis and during my review time I have absolutely enjoyed using the Find X5 Pro.

Unique, eye-catching design

From the front, the OPPO Find X5 Pro looks just like any other top-shelf smartphone. Curved display, tiny hole punch for the selfie camera, and curved edges. The side rails are metallic with a shiny chrome finish.

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR 5

But on the rear is where the OPPO Find X5 Pro looks different than most modern smartphones.  In general, the rear camera module in the top left corner is attached to the rear housing and you can always see a seam between the two pieces.  OPPO bucks this trend, and has created a unique ceramic back for its flagship which blends seamlessly around the triple camera module. I can see this being done easily with plastic (via injection molding) or metal (via die casting or machining) but to do it with ceramic takes some serious engineering prowess. So kudos to OPPO for creating a visually appealing design with a seamless one-piece ceramic back cover.

Single piece ceramic back housing results in a seamless surface

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR 1

Long story short, I absolutely love how the white ceramic cover on the OPPO Find 5 feels and how every single camera lens is flush to the rear housing. While last year’s model sported a module that was similar to a certain device from a Cupertino-based company, the new Find X5 Pro has its own unique take on the camera layout. And for some reason, I like the newer random polygon shape of the camera module better than what was on the Find X3 Pro in 2021.

Ceramic White is the color to get in 2022

OPPO is offering the Find X5 Pro in Ceramic White and Glaze Black colors. The ceramic back is two times stronger than the regular glass used in smartphones and also offers better thermal management. During my review period, I found that the Find X5 Pro didn’t get that hot during gaming or long stretches of night photography. The Find X5 Pro is IP68 rated for dust and water ingress for no-hassle use in outdoor environments.

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR 2

There is a bit of Corporate crossover in terms of the partnership with Hasselblad and the OPPO Find X5 Pro shows that off on the back cover. And OPPO is also advertising the in-house MariSilicon image processing NPU between the cameras on the rear.

Overall, OPPO has managed to create a unique eye-catching look that sets the Ceramic White Find X5 Pro has apart from other flagship smartphones. And the translucent matte silicone case included in the retail box complements the phone really well while still showing off that uniquely shaped camera module.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Display is absolutely gorgeous

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR Display

The new Find X5 Pro has a 6.7″ WQHD+ curved AMOLED display with LTPO technology allowing it to dynamically vary the refresh rate from 1Hz all the way to 120Hz. If you want to save battery life you can manually toggle the refresh rate to a static 60Hz as well but for my review, I left it at the factory setting of Dynamic 120Hz.

As usual, the display checks off all the boxes, 10-bit color, 525 ppi pixel density, DisplayMate A+ rating along with individual unit color calibration. This is probably one of the best smartphone displays as far as Android devices go.

OPPO claims a “multi-brightness color calibration” which is the Android equivalent of the ‘Tru-Tone’ display seen in the iPhone series. The end result is that you will enjoy using the Find X5 Pro in all sorts of lighting conditions indoors and outdoors.

OPPO Find X5 Cameras are flagship-grade

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR 4

Purists will point out that the Find X5 Pro has one less camera than last year’s Find X3 Pro. Yes, the 3MP microscope camera is no longer available on the latest version. However, OPPO has added a new imaging chip to the overall hardware on the Find X5 Pro.

There is a 50MP main camera with f/1.7, a closed-loop focus motor, and dual-OIS-5-axis stabilization. For ultrawide photography, there is another 50MP f/2.2 aperture camera with 112° field-of-view (FOV). The ultrawide camera can also do double duty as a macro camera. Last but not least is a 13MP f/2.4 telephoto lens for taking zoom pictures.

MariSilicon X chip for custom image processing

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR MariSilicon

OPPO is trying to chart its own course when it comes to controlling the image processing pipeline. To that effect, the Find X5 Pro has a custom chip called MariSilicon X for image processing.

Google and Apple have a lot of control over hardware and software when it comes to processing the images captured by the cameras. OPPO is trying to join that exclusive club by using their own custom silicon for image processing. This isn’t new as sister company Vivo included a  custom image processing chip on the Vivo X70 Pro+ in 2021.

On the Find X5 Pro, MariSilicon X improves low-light video recording. According to OPPO, it uses real-time machine learning to recover image information that may be missing due to a lack of lighting. During my testing, I could see that videos in really dark settings looked bright with a reasonable amount of detail in dark areas. However, this advantage over other smartphones disappears during daytime videography.

Stellar still photography results with main and ultrawide cameras

OPPO uses the same 50MP Sony sensor for both main and ultrawide cameras with different focal lengths. Because of this reason, there is a lot more consistency between pictures taken with either camera in quick succession in terms of color science and lighting. This is something that you don’t see on iPhone or Google Pixel 6 because they use different sensors for main and ultrawide cameras.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Camera Samples — Flickr Gallery

Take a look at the pictures in our Flickr gallery. I would say that the OPPO Find X5 Pro can easily go toe-to-toe with Samsung, Google or Apple as far as main and ultrawide cameras are concerned. In my experience, Find X5 Pro images have slightly better color and contrast but look slightly more processed. Overall, though you will be very happy with the results at night or in daytime. However, ultrawide pictures from the Find X5 Pro are better than the competition.

Telephoto camera is the weakest of the bunch

The third camera on the rear is a telephoto zoom lens. However, it is the weakest of the three cameras and is downright disappointing, especially in contrast to the stellar zoom results on the S22 Ultra. The Find X5 Pro telephoto lens only offers a 2X zoom which I think can’t compete with what other flagships have to offer.

For the most part, if you stick with the main and ultrawide cameras you will be very happy with the results for photos and videos.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Performance and Software Impressions

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR Performance

The Find X5 Pro is running on Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor built using the 4nm wafer fabrication process. This new octa-core processor has a 1+3+4 configuration, similar to the Snapdragon S888, but uses Arm’s newest v9 architecture cores.  The main big core is a Cortex-X2, running at 3.0 GHz while the three middle Cortex-A710 cores are running at 2.5 GHz. Finally, the four efficiency cores are Cortex-A510, running at 1.8 GHz.

Qualcomm claims that the new Adreno 730 GPU on this processor is 30% faster and 25% more power-efficient in contrast to the Adreno 660 on the Snapdragon 888+ platform. Geekbench 5 scores were quite good but not as good as the RedMagic 7 which has the same processor as the Find X5 Pro but a lot more RAM. It is somewhat perplexing that last year’s Vivo X70 Pro+ has higher single and multi-core scores in comparison with the newer Find X5 Pro. I hope that a future software update improves overall performance because on paper this is a step back with the newer CPU/GPU.

ColorOS 12.1 is fast, fluid, and full of useful features

During setup, I chose the app drawer version to see if the OPPO Find X5 Pro would behave like my daily driver Pixel 6. For the most part, I was able to set the device up similar to my daily driver.

In my review time, there weren’t any hiccups or interruptions. Apps opened quickly and there didn’t seem to be any lag or stuttering during browsing, texting, scrolling, or playing games. ColorOS12.1 which runs on top of Android 12 seemed to work quite well. There are quite a few interesting options that ColorOS has in terms of personalization, live wallpapers, floating windows which are all helpful in creating a unique setup – after all Android is all about customization and choices.

Speaking of choices, there is a separate App Market (useful in other parts of the world but not North America) and a Themes app. There is also a fair amount of bloatware installed on the device. Thankfully OPPO allows you to uninstall pretty much every single unwanted app so that’s a plus. I do want to add that my review device is running preproduction software so the final retail version might look slightly different.

Battery life and Charging Performance

Find X5 Pro has a dual-cell 5,000mAh battery. The dual-cell enables high watt charging capability with very quick 0-100% charging times.  OPPO does include an 80W SUPERVOOC charging brick in the retail box. Albeit, I was unable to use the Euro brick here in the USA. I did get fairly quick charging times using my Google 65W charging brick.

During daily use, I consistently saw screen-on-time of about 6+ hours. You may have a better experience than me since I have a very poor cell signal in my location which probably drains the battery faster when the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi.

80W SUPERVOOC charging is very fast

As far as charging goes, the 80W SUPERVOOC brick is capable of charging the 5,000mAh battery to 50% from zero in 12 minutes. Oh and about 30 minutes of charging should completely recharge the phone to 100%, according to OPPO.  The Find X5 Pro probably has some of the fastest charging times of any flagship out there currently.

OPPO Find X5 Pro also has some of the fastest wireless charging times. OPPO claims a 47 minute charge time for a dead battery using the 50W AIRVOOC wireless charging system. This is definitely faster than wired charging times on most flagship smartphones. Full disclosure – I could not verify the wireless charging times because the 50W AIRVOOC wireless charger is sold separately and wasn’t provided to AndroidHeadlines for review.

Audio and Connectivity on the OPPO Find X5 Pro

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR Audio

Audio output is great via the loud stereo speakers. And results are equally good when using wired USB-C OPPO earbuds (from the Reno series) and via wireless Bluetooth earbuds. In short, the audio quality from the Find X5 Pro is as good as the other flagships.

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR Connectivity

Connectivity is also equally good when compared to my daily driver Pixel 6. Even though this device is mainly for Asia (Malaysia specifically) I got 4G LTE out of the box on T-Mobile in Southern California. I couldn’t find the 5G setting on the device however so your mileage in North America in terms of getting a 5G signal may vary. Calls were clear and there were no issues in terms of data connections during the review time.

OPPO Find X5 Pro Final Verdict

Oppo Find X5 Pro AH HR 6

On paper, the Find X5 Pro is a flagship device that can hang with the best that Samsung, Google, and Apple have to offer. It is probably one of the best looking especially in Ceramic White – yes that is a personal opinion.

It has an excellent color-accurate display, great customization in terms of software, custom image processing silicon, and superb main and ultrawide cameras – day or night. The Find X5 Pro also has the fastest wired and wireless charging times amongst all flagships out there.

But there is only one area where it is head and shoulders above the competition – ultrawide camera. Samsung S22 Ultra has a better screen, S-Pen, and much better zoom camera. Google Pixel has clean a clean software experience and lower price. Finally, the Find X5 Pro is priced 1299 EUR which is way more expensive than flagships from Samsung, Google, and Apple. I think if this phone was priced around 999 EUR it would sell like hotcakes but at the suggested retail price it lacks the brand recognition the phone actually deserves.